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Pronunciation BAHB-buu-mon
Level Baby I [Baby, Fresh]
Type Slime
Field N/A
Attribute None
Name Origin Corruption of English - 'bubble'

-Bubble Blow: Babbumon blows an acidic bubble to try and scare an opponent.


Pronunciation FIHN-mon
Level Baby II [In-Training]
Type Lesser
Field Deep Savers
Attribute Data
Name Origin English - 'Fin'

-Little Stream: Finmon releases a blast of water from her mouth at an enemy.

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Pronunciation shah-YUU-mon
Level Adult [Champion]
Type Sea Animal
Field Deep Savers
Attribute Data
Name Origin Chinese. 'Shayu' is the word for shark.

-Tail Saw: Shayumon uses her tail, which glows white, like a guillotine blade and slices a target with it.
-Wavebreak Crash: Propelled by a powerful jet of water, Shayumon smashes her entire body into an enemy.


Pronunciation MEH-tal-shah-YUU-mon
Level Perfect [Ultimate]
Type Sea Animal
Field Deep Savers, Metal Empire
Attribute Data
Name Origin English 'Metal' + Chinese 'Shayu' (see Shayumon)

-Charge Wave: MetalShayumon releases a pulse of electricity from her body.
-Ebb and Flow: MetalShayumon throws her arm protectors like a pair of twin boomerangs to strike enemies with their razor-sharp edges, and then they return
-Seeker Torpedo: From cannons hidden in her chestplate, MetalShayumon releases two homing torpedos painted like sharks.


Pronunciation gah-LAY-oh-mon
Level Mega
Type Sea Animal
Field Deep Savers
Attribute Data
Name Origin From Latin Galeocerdo cuvier, the scientific name for the tiger shark

-Shark Attack: Galeomon summons a seemingly-endless supply of small, glowing white sharks, which attack enemies and then disperse.
-Crashing Wave: Galeomon surrounds herself in a sphere of water and smashes into an enemy.
-Electro Break: Using energy left over from her previous form, stored in her arm plates, Galeomon creates a ball of electricity and throws it at her target.
-Blade Tornado: Galeomon attacks by dashing at enemies and then using any of her razor-sharp fins to strike.