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Pronunciation dehl-FII-nii-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Sea Animal
Field Deep Savers
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin Various languages. 'Delfini' or 'delfin' is the word for 'dolphin' in several languages.
Partner Faris

Delfinimon is a little finned bucket of sunshine. Upbeat, cheery, and playful, she always tries to make her friends and cohorts smile. Part of this isn't even intentional, as her lolloping gait on land (due to her lack of proper legs) is often clumsy and silly-looking. She knows the laughs she gets aren't always intentional on her part, but she takes it in her stride (so to speak), though recently she's been making Faris carry her. Through it all, she's infectiously sunny-- though it wouldn't be far off to call her a bit of a bubbly ditz of a digimon.

She sometimes has trouble taking things seriously, but she's very sensitive to others, and if she can't cheer them up, she can get very down on herself. She seems to have a very fragile ego, and she bolsters it with her sense of humor. When she sobers up and stops making jokes, though, the time has come to run; if she gets pushed far enough, it's not a pretty sight, even if she doesn't have a violent bone in her body (until she digivolves, that is).

-DolFin: Delfinimon's tail glows white, and she strikes an enemy with it.
-Blast Bite: Delfinimon gathers white energy in her mouth and releases it when she bites down on an enemy, creating a small concentrated blast that damages and enemy but causes her to recoil.