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Digimon re:GENESIS is a Digimon FDD (Fan Digimon & Digidestined) project I created between October 2011 and October 2013. At final count it clocked at 51 chapters plus epilogue and over 300,000 words.
It centers on seven children, and aside from some occasional dark themes and a single instance of profanity, it aims to capture the childlike (though not childish) soul of the Digimon franchise. You tell me if it succeeds.

It centers on seven children and seven digimon fighting evil in the digital world. It's about friendship and love and family by choice, about making mistakes and being brave enough to own up to them, and what happens when you don't.

It's also about a rabbit samurai kicking a cyborg dog man in the face.

I began writing it in the fall of my senior year of high school, and it continued through two very emotionally taxing years of my life.
It started with a design for a rabbit-like monster; over the next week, I drew a bunch of other digimon and selected the ones that would be the stars. I designed children, made a site, and posted the first two chapters. I went from 0 to started in the span of about two weeks.

From such shaky beginnings, it grew into a truly enormous word labor of love, incorporating ideas I'd had for years and ideas I came up with as I wrote them. It's clunky, its characterization starts out very weak, there are plot holes and diversions that go nowhere and end when I realized I didn't know how to end them.

But you know what? I love it. I love it a lot, to this day. Instead of burying it, I'm mirroring it here and keeping it alive. Digimon re:GENESIS is an important part of me and the things I've done as an artist and a creator. I've had people tell me I made them feel something, or inspired them to do their own projects, and that makes the entire ordeal worth it.

Forgive its warts and accept it as it is, and maybe you'll get something out of it.
I still think it's something special, anyway.

Life is waiting to begin.

~Ken, after all this time