It's like an FAQ, except you don't wait for people to ask you!

Is there ever going to be a sequel series to re:GEN, like 02 was for Adventure?
I've thought about it! If it ever happened, it would be short, likely no longer than 13 chapters.
That said, I like where I left the story and don't think it really needs to be expanded on.

Eh. We'll see what the future holds.

What's up with the name?
First: you can stylize it as just "Regenesis"!
Second: Both 'regenesis', as in, 'rebirth', or 're: genesis', as in 'regarding the genesis'.
Third: I was in high school, try not to ask questions.

What is Digimon re:SET?
Digimon re:SET is the collective name for my Digimon fanfiction projects. They are named in the format re:[NAME]. Unless otherwise specified they do not share explicit continuity, but they can be loosely considered part of the same multiverse, kind of like how Tamers and Adventure have the Ryo thing.

Hey, those virtues look/sound like they were taken out of that crest pack.
I helped make that crest pack! Mostly in conceptual, but I'm the PlagueMD credited-- it was actually me working with Gestaltscribbler to put together better symbols for the Virtues that we created the pack.
(Yes, you're allowed to use them for your own projects!)

Can I use one of your your digimon species for my project/fic/fancharacter/RP?
Absolutely not.
I don't mean to be rude, but after enough people taking my digimon with or without credit over the years, my patience is gone.

Under no circumstances may any of my original digimon be used by anyone they were not made for. Certain friends are allowed to use characters that I've preapproved for them. You may not use my digimon for your characters, be they for art, fic, RP, or otherwise. If anyone claims to have my permission, they are lying. If you have to ask, you don't have permission.

Will you co-write my digimon fic with me?/Write my fic for me?
I've been asked this several times, and every time, the answer is no. I'm busy with my own projects!

You stole [concept] from [other fan-series].

Well, it's too late now, because re:GENESIS has had the book closed on it, but any resemblances to other projects are coincidental and accidental. I take pride in my original content, and while there are bound to be some similarities by nature of the fandom, I do try to make sure my ideas are mine.