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D-GEAR [Digitally-Generated Eletronic Area Reader] Unit
(Note that the correct term for one is a 'D-GEAR unit', and the plural is 'D-GEAR units'. The digidestined rarely use this term, often simply calling it a D-GEAR, many D-GEARs-- to the aggravation of their digimon.)

The D-GEAR unit is the Digivice used in re:GENESIS, created from the chosen child's cellphone upon entering the Digital World. The virtues are inserted via a tab and slot near the top of the unit, and the colours are specific to each child.

Red and Black: Simon Bell
Orange and Yellow: Andrea Michaels
Green and Tan: Julian LeBlanc
Sea green and Silver: Faris Beckett
Blue and White: Emily Hariss
Black and White: Tobias 'Toby' Moore
Violet and Black: Lukas 'Luke' Kelly

-Enables KickStart, Virtuous, and Genesis Digivolution when their Virtues are installed and active.
-Radar to detect other nearby D-GEAR units (within ~3 miles)
-Full encyclopaedia of Digimon (though a digimon's data can only be 'unlocked' when the digimon's signature code is detected nearby), with electronic voice and full 3D holographic projection
-Full spherical map projection of the Digital Earth, with blinking points to indicate location of the D-GEAR's holder. Rotatable, scalable, and zoomable by touching the image.
-Capable of communication with select digimon, thanks to the chip installed by Deekamon; its only notable communicant is Deekamon himself.