Level Baby I [Baby, Fresh]
Type Slime
Field N/A
Attribute None
Name Origin Japanese. 'Tokage' is the Japanese word for a lizard.

-Bubble Blow: Tokamon blows an acidic bubble to try and scare an opponent.


Pronunciation PAY-lee-oh-mon
Level Baby II [In-Training]
Type Lesser
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English. 'Paleozoic' means anything relating to a period between ~570 and ~230 million years ago, the advent of such animals as reptiles, bugs, and fish.

-Spike Cannon: Paleomon fires the spike on his head at an enemy.

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Pronunciation veh-LOHS-see-mon
Level Adult [Champion]
Type Dinosaur
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English. A velociraptor is a particularly famous type of dinosaur, famed for their running speed.

-Fast Strike: Velocimon runs at blinding speed at an enemy and smashes into them, his skull mask protecting his face but adding more oomph to the hit.
-Boulder Break: Velocimon uproots a boulder from the ground, and breaks it with only his head, sending dangerous rock fragments all around.


Pronunciation trai-AHSS-see-mon
Level Perfect [Ultimate]
Type Dinosaur
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English. 'Triassic' refers to anything in the Triassic era (~230 to ~190 million years ago), characterized by the appearance of dinosaurs.

-Twin Flare: One of Triassimon's heads spews red flames, and the other spews blue; if the streams of flame meet, they fuse and turn white.
-Double Helix: Triassimon splits into two one-headed copies of itself -- one all-red, one all-blue -- and both, who act as one in opposite directions, smash into an enemy from either side.
-Tail Crush: Triassimon uses his bulky tail to strike an enemy.


Pronunciation wohr-trai-AHSS-see-mon
Level Mega
Type Dinosaur Man
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English - 'War' + 'Triassic' (see Triassimon)

-Fossil Storm: WarTriassimon summons the bones of fossilized digimon to attack his opponents.
-Triple Threat: With both feet and his tail, WarTriassimon lashes out at enemies with mighty kicks and strikes.
-Armor Breaker: WarTriassimon produces a club made of bone and a hidden core of Chrome Digizoid, and can then lash out with it (or incorporate it into other attacks).
-Fault Shift: WarTriassimon slams the ground, causing it to open up below an opponent.