.::Digimon re:GENESIS: Start a brand new story.
Episode Index

One hundred digital years ago, the godlike Era appeared. Nobody knew from whence he came-- but he didn't hesitate to set to work overthrowing the Digital World. Split into factions, Digimon are now split between whether they follow Era or if they hold out-- fighting back is almost unthinkable, with three-quarters of the Digital World under Era.

It has been ten years in the real world since Era's appearance. The Sovereigns have finally sent out for their last lines of defense: seven human children, paired with digimon that have waited all their lives for their partners to arrive. A mysterious empty text message summons them, plucking them out of their lives and throwing them into the war.

Caught in a battle that may encompass more than just the virtual world they've been forced to save, the odds are against them, but they're the best shot the Digital World has. They become pieces in a game they don't understand, having no way of understanding how much stock both sides have in them...

01: Start a Brand New Story 26: Altitude Sickness
02: Fools Rush In 27: Lost Time
03: The Search Begins 28: Those Chosen by the Sovereign
04: Gloomy Caverns 29: Free Falling
05: Light in the Dark 30: Swamp Gases
06: Seaside Sharpshooter 31: The World You Left
07: Deeper in the Mellow 32: Devil On Your Back
08: Forbidden Wisdom 33: Madhouse
09: Wayside Heroes 34: Got Your Back
10: Together in Harmony 35: This Is My Place In Time
11: Friends and Foes 36: Never Turn Around
12: Keeping Tally 37: Like a Kamikaze
13: Unlucky Thirteen 38: Pretending I'm a Superman
14: Star Bright 39: Follow In Your Flightsteps
15: Shocking! 40: Through an Open Door
16: What We Are In the Dark 41: Blue
17: A Break in the Clouds 42: Falling Stars
18: Fracture 43: Brothers in Arms
19: The Pieces Come Together 44: Show Me Your Colours
20: Little Lion Man 45: Revelations
21: Countdown 46: A Call to Arms
22: Zero Hour 47: Knocking on Heaven's Door
23: True Colours 48: Spin the Wheel
24: Breathe In 49: Dust to Dust
25: Down the Rabbit Hole 50: No Crying Until the End

51: Where We Belong
Epilogue: Life is Waiting to Begin