Tobias 'Toby' Moore
Age 11
Partner Lammon
Virtue Trust
Hair Blond
Eyes Grey
D-GEAR Black and white

At heart, Toby really believes the best in everyone. He's ready to hand out second chances, and it's simply not in his nature to be too horribly judgmental. At times, as a result of this, he can be a bit easily led, and is sometimes a bit too trusting and naiive. Regardless, he's a gentle soul-- he's idealistic and optimistic, and is always ready to do what's right, but isn't really big on fighting. He tries to avoid conflict wherever he can, and is reluctant to get involved even when it's required. He's also of a tendency to have faith in everyone and thing but himself, at times...

Toby is extraordinarily short-- he's 11, but his height makes people peg him as a seven-year-old. Nothing infuriates him more than being treated like a kid, or like he can't do anything on his own or be capable in his own right. One of the few things that gets him honestly mad is being ignored or talked over, or having people act like he doesn't know what he's talking about. Doing so can get him deeply frustrated, and when he's frustrated, he sort of... withdraws.
Still. Toby, for all his innocence, is rarely if ever afraid (except of the dark). While not up-and-out courageous, per say, he simply has faith that things will turn out okay. He's gentle and caring, and seems to be driven by an innate desire to help out.

Misc. Trivia
-Toby's stunted growth was the result of a sickness he had when he was younger; he seems to have overcome it now, but it left him with a great desire to be independent.
-He hates being called 'Tobias'.