Lord Era
Age 34
Partner N/A, formerly Lazumon
Hair Blond
Eyes Grey
Formerly known as Joshua Amsel (Highlight for spoilers)

What do you expect from the man who single-handedly overtook more than half of the digital world? Though he appears like nothing more than an average man, even maybe a bit nerdy, Era is one nasty piece of work. Affable and pleasant, it's all an act-- he has no compassion for human or digimon life alike. The difference is, he actively loathes digimon-- he views them as no more than packets of data, to be replaced and manipulated at his will, and while his ultimate goal may be to return to the real world, if he can destroy all digimon life in the process, he's 100% on board with it. He will employ them for jobs he doesn't want to do, but who knows what he intends to do if he wins. He holds a bit of a grudge, for some reason.

What makes Era dangerous isn't just his total lack of sympathy, it's that he is smart. Calculating, cool, and on top of every situation, he can adjust his plans on the fly to make sure he always comes out victorious. A hundred years of exile in this Digital World has made him singularly obsessed, but this does not dull him; it means he can put all of his mind and efforts into his plans. The only downside is that he's growing impatient...