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Simon Bell
Age 13
Partner Egakumon
Virtue Honor
Hair Dark red-violet
Eyes Green
D-GEAR Red and black

Honestly, Simon is kind of a blockhead. Hot-blooded, get-up-and-go, and almost unshakable in his beliefs, he's always willing to stand up and take charge of a situation, whether everyone else wants him to take charge or not. At times he can be a tad... overdramatic about his methods of dealing with things, honestly; he claims he doesn't know the meaning of the word "impossible", and his strong morals make it hard for him to go without helping anyone who approaches the group and asks for it.

Enthusiastic, creative, and free-spirited, Simon hates being told what to do-- and will often just plain tune out if he's not interested in something. While he has no trouble thinking outside the box, it's sometimes hard to rein him into it, and for this he can be just a teensy bit book-dumb. He'll often forgo doing what makes sense in order to do what he feels is right. Luckily, his moral compass is tremendously strong and not easily wavered-- and often right. While this makes him stubborn and idealistic, it also means that it's hard to manipulate him.
He really just has the best intentions, and while he can be (really) obnoxious, he's got the guts and the personality to kick his teammates into action.

Misc. Trivia
-Simon fancies himself a bit of a graffiti artist, and he's actually not half-bad.
-Because his hat is almost always on his head, he has awful hat-hair-- which leads to him never taking his hat off so nobody sees it. It's a vicious cycle. Regardless, he's viciously protective of said hat, and will flip out if anyone or anything tries to remove it.