Pronunciation SHAH-mon
Level Mega
Type Beast Man
Field Jungle Troopers
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin English. A shaman is a practicioner of shamanism, which is a blanket term for many systems of belief involving communication with a spiritual world.

Shamon is a wise digimon, but he is not above a mischievous streak. He will go out of his way to give his aid to those who oppose Era, and is often a friend behind the scenes-- but when push comes to shove, he is one heck of a fierce fighter. For this reason, many digimon look up to him for protection. He is a loyal servant to the Sovereigns, serving most directly under Azulongmon.

He is a close friend of Deekamon's, and is just as mysterious as the enigmatic mentor, though he may be a little less frustrating to try and have a conversation with.

-Future Strike: Shamon's eyes begin to glow, and he predicts where his opponent will be. He then rushes into the aforementioned space to deliver a hard strike.
-Permafrost: Shamon strikes the ground (or other surface, such as a cliff wall) causing it to freeze instantly; any digimon in contact with it will freeze instantly.
-Ice Wave: Shamon, channeling energy from beyond, fires a blast of icy energy from his hands.
-Glacial Defense: Shamon creates a thick dome of ice around himself and his allies. While it can be melted, it is otherwise very difficult to penetrate.