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Pronunciation SAHMP-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Reptile
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin Hindi. Sampa means snake.
Partner Luke

Sampamon is quiet and polite, much like her partner. She's a bit of a dreamer and likes things that are poetic and maybe even a bit cryptic, and loves riddles and puzzles. She's always liked to spend time alone with her thoughts, and sometimes becomes entranced by them, off in a daze-- daydreaming, in layman's terms. She's quiet and doesn't always speak her mind, or speak straightforward when she does.

She's incredibly devoted to her partner and the cause, like all of her Digimon comrades, but she's not always sure what her other teammates think of her, and so goes out of her way to be accommodating. She tries her best not to offend people or start fights, because she's self-described as bad at conflict. However, when push comes to shove, she's been known to snap. While she'll go out of her way to be pleasant, her morals and standards are clad in iron, and she refuses to let anyone step on her. In this way, she sometimes provides a needed anchor for her less-assertive partner.

-Shadow Shock: Sampamon gathers concentrated dark energy in the jewel on her forehead, and shoots it at an enemy.
-Constrictor Hug: Sampamon uses her body to wrap around a foe, squeeze them painfully, and immobilize them.