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Pronunciation KAH-moh-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Mammal
Field Jungle Troopers
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin Hindi. Raja means "king".
Partner Andrea
Rajamon is confident, skeptical, and quick-tempered-- the spitting image of his partner. He doesn't need anyone's approval before he does something, but (thankfully) his instincts often run true. He has a tendency to argue with people in charge, even if they're right, and is known to do things entirely out of spite. In fact, he can be led fairly easily if you can convince him that something is his idea, but he's very wise to people who try to pull reverse psyschology on him. However, there's one exception to his usual reliance on only his own ideas: he's devoted to Andrea, one-hundred percent, right or wrong. He'll obey her, no questions asked.

Rajamon, for this, may seem like a bit of a jerk. He kind of is. However, while he often doesn't get along, he's fiercely loyal to the rest of the team (even Egakumon!), even if he may distrust the non-Andrea humans a little bit, and will ride into battle for them just as quickly as for himself. He's simply a bit picky about the company he keeps, but those for whom he will fight have a loyal friend and ally. He'll run straight in where angels fear to tread.
It's just lucky for him that, pound for pound, he's probably the strongest of the seven Virtue Recievers. He just needs to learn a bit more about the correct application of it...

-Fire Dash: Rajamon's long fur [on head, limbs, tailtip] ignites and he rushes at an enemy.
-Prince Fire: Rajamon collects a fireball in his mouth and fires it at a target.