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Pronunciation: PII-koh-DAY-mon
Level: Mega
Type: Demon Demigod
Field: Nightmare Soldiers, Dark Area
Attribute: Virus
Name Origin: From Italian piccolo (small) + Daemon

Let's look at Javermon's Gang: Javermon is a bully; Epidemon is a narcissist; PicoDaemon, on the other hand, is a straight-up opportunist. He plays on the side that gives him the best odds. Never complains, never wavers, and has no loyalty-- the second the tide changes, he's switching sides.
Needless to say, it's fairly impressive that Era trusts in his own ability enough to put PicoDaemon in as high a position as he is. He's efficient, he's agile, he's powerful, and he's quiet-- an art his teammates have not managed to master.

PicoDaemon, indeed, is hard to get a read on-- he speaks very little to those that aren't his teammates or Lord Era, and even then it's not much. Nobody knows quite what's on his mind, and many find it somewhat disconcerting-- most of the Era Corps don't trust him as far as they can throw him (which isn't far-- he's deceptively heavy for his size). When given orders, he'll carry them out without a grumble. He never shirks work nor does he volunteer for more.

He gets along with both Javermon and Epidemon, but commands few to no subordinates-- if he wants a job done, he'll do it himself. He figures it's the best way to get things done, after all.

-Dark Swarm: PicoDaemon flaps his wings to release a flurry of small black insect-like creatures made of energy to fly at and devour an enemy's data.
-Cross Nail: PicoDaemon slashes through the air with both hands (which are the longer "legs", the appendages he usually stands on), releasing whips of energy that harm enemies and, if they have anything behind them, restrains them to it.
-Inferno Typhoon: PicoDaemon spins around rapidly, engulfed in black hellfire, and then sends the tornado of flames at an enemy
-Daemon Disease: PicoDaemon creates a cloud of a nasty, dehibilitating virus, then flaps his wings to dispersed it towards a foe. It induces blindness, nausea, and the profound sensation that the victim is being eaten from the inside out, causing serious pain-- even though it doesn't actually physically harm the victim. If breathed in, the duration of its effects varies depending on the level and individual energy of the digimon that breathes it in.

previous forms unknown.