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Pronunciation: muh-GORR-ii-uh-mon
Level: Perfect [Ultimate]
Type: Ghost
Field: Dark Area
Attribute: Data
Name Origin: From phantasmagoria, a form of theatre where candles are used to project frightening images onto a screen.

Magoriamon is a little trickster, and has been referred to -- both by friend and foe alike -- as terminally annoying. Though his body is weak, he's a talented illusionist, and is crafty enough to use this for a variety of uses-- he can create illusory digimon and contained areas, fake his own death (a favorite), trap enemies in pocket dimensions, and generally just be a pain. It's his specialty.

Like the digimon he serves (Epidemon), Magoriamon tends to look out for number one, and prefers to let his creations and illusions handle most of the work when he has to do it. He's actually kind of a wimp, and not just insofar that his body is weak-- he has a low pain tolerance. This tends to make him incredibly annoying, as at the first hint of confrontation he vanishes without a trace-- like trying to catch smoke with your fist.

He tends to stress that he does not take orders from Era-- he takes them only from Epidemon, even if they're the same orders. His reasoning for this is unknown, but he's insistent on the terminology.

-Fantastic Image: Magoriamon creates an elaborate illusion to trick and disconcert an enemy.
-Drowsy Smoke: Magoriamon's flames begin to emit noxious dark-blue smoke that sends its foes to sleep.
-Room of Mirrors: Magoriamon creates up to ten perfect duplicates of itself; they unleash an onslaught of kicks and punches on a foe from all sides. Naturally, one is the "real" one and attacking it can dispel the others. (He can actually create more than ten, but after that point they start to drain his power.)

previous forms unknown