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Lukas 'Luke' Kelly
Age 13
Partner Sampamon
Virtue Empathy
Hair Dirty blond
Eyes Green
D-GEAR Purple and white

Luke is self-described as an ego-half-empty kind of guy, but that's not entirely the truth. He's low-key and almost never wants to cause any trouble, and can be laid-back-- to the point of being a bit of a doormat from time to time, passive and insecure. He's not exactly the most gung-ho of people, and doesn't make quick decisions. He'd like to think he knows about what's right, but he gets hung up in the shades of grey, so to speak.
Possibly because of this, he has an innate ability to put himself in other peoples' shoes and see multiple sides of the issue. He's a deeply caring soul who has the tendency of putting others before himself, hence his doormat-y ways. Sometimes surprisingly, he's got a bit of a good-naturedly sarcastic side, and does indeed have the ability to be cheerful. He's the kind of guy who comes through in the end when push comes to shove.

Misc. Trivia
-Luke's hair is actually about a shade and a half darker, naturally; he bleaches it, and since his time in the Digital World, his darker roots are showing through. He's not terribly vain about it.
-Luke was summoned to the Digital World separately from the other children-- before, and to a different place.