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Pronunciation LAM-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Mammal
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin English lamb.
Partner Toby

Lammon is quiet, soft-spoken, and gentle. She doesn't like to actively fight, and instead tries to handle battles as non-violently as she can. She tries to remain calm, but she's soft-hearted and caring, and has a hard time remaining cool-headed much of the time. She acts like a mother, almost, trying to mediate conflict between both the team and enemies, and within the team itself, and often believes the best in people. Very graceful, Lammon rarely if ever runs or acts outwardly hurried. She has an air of calm serenity about her, but her unassertive and often meek ways can lead to her being talked over and ignored.

Lammon may not like to fight, but if her friends, her teammates, or especially her partner comes into the line of fire, it's wise to beware the nice ones. Seriously; if you go out of your way to push her buttons, it will not be pretty. She doesn't have to be a physical brawler to make her enemies regret it.

-Lamb Kick: Lammon delivers a hard kick with her back legs.
-Counting Sheep: Lammon runs past an enemy, her ponytail "acting up" and smoking more than normal, causing them to drift off into sleep.