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Pronunciation KAH-moh-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Bird
Field Wind Guardians
Attribute Data
Name Origin Japanese. 'Kamome' means 'seagull'.
Partner Emily

Steadfast and earnest, Kamomon will weather any storm and rarely complain of it-- at least, in big matters. He usually thinks before he acts, and considers the consequences of his actions... usually. The second anyone is in danger, Kamomon will be more than willing to run ahead, and when others run to find shelter and regroup, Kamomon will be on the battlefield, having never left. This seems to evoke a particular facet of his and his partner's Virtue; from dedication comes devotion. He'll rush ahead to protect his teammates and his partner, and never think a word of it.

When he's not rushing in, Kamomon is polite, proper, and very friendly. He's even a bit old-fashioned from time to time, and loves stories of romanticism (especially of dashing swashbucklers, even if he knows they're not realistic), and can be prone to flights of fancy and theatrics. He tries to keep his feet on the ground, but his head drifts up into the clouds readily, and he's incredibly easy to fluster. Even if Emily confuses his from time to time, his devotion to her is never-ending.

-Seagull Strike: Kamomon rushes at enemies, and brings his hands together, hitting an enemy hard with a joined-fist hit.
-Ocean Blast: Kamomon opens his mouth and fires a high-pressure shot of water at enemies.