Julian LeBlanc
Age 14
Partner Iguamon
Virtue Adaptability
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
D-GEAR Green and tan

Julian is that kind of guy who never loses his cool and tends to be on top of the situation. He's intelligent, with a wide array of seemingly-useless knowledge, and is usually the first to catch on to things. He's a great strategist, but emotionally... he's not so great. More often than not he has trouble sympathizing with people, and grows weary of people who talk too much or waste time... and he has no trouble telling them as such. His sort of detatchment means he can look at things rationally, and act based on that; for this, though, he can get frustrated when others don't do the same.
When he's not being kind of a jerk, he's not really bad. He cares about group harmony and making sure that everyone works together, but he doesn't always see that he's not always helping the case. He's intelligent, nothing can throw him off of his game... he's just not a very good shoulder to cry on.

He's very guarded, and often denies that he ever gets worked up about much of anything. However, it's fairly obvious that he has one or two soft spots, particularly regarding his family, particularly particularly Faris.

Misc. Trivia
-Julian is Faris' older brother; their parents divorced when Julian was 7 and Faris was 5. Faris lives with their father and Julian with their mother, but they've keep in regular contact with eachother despite only seeing eachother a few times a year. Julian can get a bit protective of Faris at times. Their mother remarried, hence their differing last names.
-Julian secretly really likes things like anime and video games (especially RPGs), but he's terrified of letting people find that out.
-Julian skipped the seventh grade and was moved ahead, and even now is near the top of his class.