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Javermon - Lycan Mode

Note that Javermon is usually a Data type; this is, naturally, a virus strain thereof.

Pronunciation: jya-VEHR-mon
Level: Mega
Type: Demon Man
Field: Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute: Virus
Name Origin: From Inspector Javert, a character in (and main antagonist of) Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, ostensibly a man of the law but infamously needlessly cruel and spiteful towards Jeal Valjean.

Javermon is a man (mon?) in search of power. That is the start, middle, and end. He's a bit of a control freak and has an incredibly low tolerance for insubordination.
In spite of these reasons, and likely for them, Javermon is the single most powerful digimon in the Era Corps, leading the trio of Reapers colloquially (and unsurprisingly) known as "Javermon's Gang". Though he has a sadistic streak that runs through his personality, he's completely focused on whatever job is at hand.

It helps that his job usually involves sadism. He just never goes out of his way for it.

He's been accused of being an opportunist, only siding with Era because he's in charge; however, it seems his loyalties run deep. He is a dog, after all. He'd march headlong into death and come out victorious if Era told him to-- and that's the key to his power. He knows how to get what he wants, and he's powerful enough to throw his weight around in the digital world.
His biggest problem? He has zero temper. He's not a short fuse, he's a fuse that's one second away from blowing at all times-- and when he's angry, get out of the way. He has even less regard for safety than usual.
Epidemon enjoys coaxing that side out of him for grins. Javermon wants to crush Epidemon's windpipe.

-Blood Oath: Javermon slashes at an enemy with claws glowing red, strong enough to cleave through Chrome Digizoid with relative ease.
-Justice Reaper: Javermon tears and rips into his enemy savagely, not stopping until he is forced to (such as being fought off or forced away by a third party) or the enemy is destroyed.