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Pronunciation ih-GOO-uh-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Dinosaur
Field Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin From 'Iguanodon', the second officially-recgnized species of dinosaur.
Partner Julian

Iguamon's a cool customer. He never lets anything gets under his skin, and he often seems to be removed from situations. He speaks his mind and little more, and usually remains quiet unless addressed. His laconic, blunt ways are a bit hard for some people to take-- he doesn't believe in sugar-coating, and will be the first to step up when he thinks someone is making an idiot of themselves. However, don't leap to conclusions-- he's more than just a stoic dinosaur.

When in battle, Iguamon is almost scary-- particularly compared to how cool-headed he is in almost all other situations. He'll rush into battle with a feral cry and fight like a lunatic. He's quick to think in the heat of battle, and will use anything he can to his advantage-- even sometimes slipping into tricks and sly use of his environment. However, he looks down on those who would outright fight dirty, and prides himself on being able to use his surroundings and situation to his advantage without sinking to that level.

Iguamon and Julian are very much alike. They seem to understand one another without using words, and it seems that a shared look between them is as good as an exchange of words.

-Dino Claw: Using his claw gloves, Iguamon either scratches madly at an enemy or slashes hard.
-Rock Strike: Iguamon creates a rock from thin air, and uses a limb or his tail to propel it at an enemy at high speed.