Level Perfect [Ultimate]
Type Demon Man
Field Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English - 'Forbid'/'Forbidden' + -dramon.

Forbidramon is one of Era's highest-ranking individuals, and the de facto leader of the Agents. It's not hard to see why; ruthless, powerful, devoid of empathy, and above-all dedicated to Era, Forbidramon is the perfect soldier. He knows the tricks of the trade, takes no prisoners (unless you count turning his opponents into digitama and sending them back to Era for footsoldier fodder), but still takes no risks. There may be no honor in only picking battles you can win, but honestly, there aren't many battles he can't.
He's aware of this fact-- and seems to be entirely willing to do things entirely to show off and prove what he could do if the urge struck him, leading to an often painfully smug demeanor.

Forbidramon is set to the task of overcoming the Virtue holders and the Virtue digimon. In addition, Forbidramon and his minion Reimon are gaining a reputaiton in the digital world...

-Claw Crusher: Using his 'organic' [red] hand, Forbidramon grabs a hold of an enemy by their weak point, and crushes them by it.
-Dark Wave: Forbidramon releases a wave of dark energy that extends out in all directions from his robotic arm.
??? (Forbidramon is far more powerful than he may choose to display at the time. More will be added as they are utilized.)



Level Baby II [In-Training]
Type Lesser
Field Dark Area
Attribute Virus
Name Origin Japanese - 'Rei' [Zero]

Reimon does not speak much, and when it does, it's extremely laconic. It serves almost entirely as Forbidramon's servant, partner, and minion, with its most regular duty being to transport digitama back to Era's stronghold. It seems to look up to, and deeply respect, Forbidramon; in return, it seems to be the only thing aside from Era that Forbidramon doesn't treat with not-even-vaguely-veiled contempt.

-Dark Area: Reimon fades into a shape of darkness and envelops anything small enough, teleporting it away.
-Black Shot: Reimon fires a blast of dark energy from its mouth.

Minumon -> Reimon -> Ichimon -> Nimon -> Sanmon -> Shimon