Faris Beckett
Age 12
Partner Delfinimon
Virtue Humor
Hair Black (strands in the front dyed green)
Eyes Blue-grey
D-GEAR Teal and silver

Faris is that one guy who's always cracking jokes and making snarky comments, even when it may not be in the best interest to do so. He's sarcastic and even a bit weird from time to time, and himself sometimes says that he communicates through snark and sarcasm. He lives by the idea that if you can't get rid of bad thoughts and feelings, you can make fun of them as long as they're around. As a result of this, sometimes he can be a bit insensitive, cracking jokes and making comments when they're really not appropriate and offending other people. As a general rule of thumb, the more bad jokes he makes, the more he's trying to cover up. Particularly, he loathes being alone, and tries to surround himself with people as much as he can.

Regardless of the above, Faris' good mood is often genune, and he's always willing to try and cheer people up. He's quite humble, and if he becomes aware that he's hurting someone, he'll try his best to make ammends, up to putting himself on the line for someone's sake. It's possible that he acts the way he does just because he doesn't really know how to handle conflict any other way-- the kid doesn't have a consciously-mean bone in his body, he just sometimes oversteps the boundaries of humor.

Misc. Trivia
-Faris is Julian's younger brother; their parents divorced seven years ago, but they've kept in contact. While Julian can be protective of Faris, Faris is likewise about Julian, even though he's younger. They've got eachother's backs.
-Faris is a great swimmer, but is afraid of being deep underwater.
-Surprising to some, Faris is surprisingly technology-adept, especially with computers.