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Pronunciation: eh-pih-DEH-mon
Level: Mega
Type: Demon Man
Field: Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute: Virus
Name Origin: From English epidemic, referring to a widespread disease that spreads quickly between people.

Epidemon is unpleasant.

An occasionally-lazy smart-mouth, Epidemon cares about one thing and one thing only: himself. Okay, maybe two things-- the other is bringing other people down. He delights in finding peoples' psychological sore spots and hammering on them, sitting back and spitting out comments designed to bring his opponents down. Makes his job easier.

Despite his strength -- and honestly, he's very good at what he does -- he has the tendency to not want to do anything, preferring to lie around Era's stronghold. He has a barely-concealed high level of disdain for his co-workers -- or, at least, Javermon. He delights in irritating his boss and kicking around his subordinates. He's pretty chill with PicoDaemon, it seems, if only for lack of reasons to be offended.
Epidemon is a grade-A narcissist and hedonist-- he has the most subordinates among the three Reapers, as he hates doing legwork himself. Magoriamon is his right-hand mon, but he has about as much respect for him as for anything (not much). Era is the only person he won't mouth off to, and even so, it seems he wants to.

Epidemon is, in the end, a sneering, jeering jerk, and he delights in it.

-Bad Air: Epidemon releases a hideously noxious cloud, which infects any digimon who breathes it in horribly sick.
-Pandemic: Epidemon summons countless smoky black rats from inside of his cloak, which swarm an enemy. If the enemy is weak enough, when the rats clear, there will be nothing but an egg left... if that.
-Contagion: Epidemon, hands glowing, reaches towards an enemy; if he touches them, the glow passes from his hands to their body, and causes damage over time.
-Fall of Worlds: Epidemon gathers massive amounts of black energy and disease into a large, black sphere of gunk-like material. It is then thrown at an enemy, whereupon it explodes, and then acting like a horribly corrosive material, eating away at its target's data. Any digimon the black gunk touches, not just the one it hits, will be affected. If left untreated, or if it strays too close to a digimon's digicore... well...