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Emily Hariss
Age 12
Partner Kamomon
Virtue Dedication
Hair Brown [bangs bleached blond]
Eyes Deep blue
D-GEAR Blue and white

Emily is a little bit... spacy. Often wandering off into her own little world, she makes remarks and doesn't always realize that not everybody can follow her thought processes. As a result, she sometimes wanders off into her mind and has some killer non-sequiters. And yet, as a result of this, she's often pretty good at explaining things-- by coming up with metaphors and creative ways to describe things. She really seems to take all the weird things that happen in her stride.

She's open, friendly, and earnest. She's driven by her convictions, and doesn't seem to know how to give up or back away. When she gets involved in something, even if she gets a bit distracted in the interrim, she'll see it through, to the end, come hell or high water. She'll put herself right out there and do whatever she can for the group. And yet... it's not hard to see where sometimes she might get a bit stubborn. When she gets an idea in her head, it's sometimes hard for her to let go of it, even if it's not right.
She may be a bit ditzy from time to time, but Emily is actually pretty darn smart when she applies herself. She just kind of gets distracted in the meantime.

Misc. Trivia
-Emily is the youngest of three children, and most of her clothes are hand-me-downs-- her favorite overalls are her older brother's, and her shirt is her older sister's. Her family could afford new clothes for her, but she's perfectly happy with second-hand clothing.
-When she's thinking about something, she tends to chew on things, like her hair, hoodie strings, etc. For this reason, she usually has a number of candies and pieces of gum on her person, to keep her mouth occupied.