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Pronunciation eh-GAH-ku-mon
Level Child [Rookie]
Type Mammal
Field Nature Spirits
Attribute Vaccine
Name Origin Japanese. 'Egaku' means to draw.
Partner Simon

Personality Egakumon is just as rock-headed, energetic, and enthusiastic as his parnter is, for better or for worse. He'll be the first to try any new stupid thing, the first to ride into battle with guns paintbrush a-blazing, and he'll be the first to speak his mind about anything. He's a bit head-strong, and once he gets an idea, he's probably going to act it out (the more "cool" it is -- and "cool" is a word here meaning "possibly dangerous" -- the better). He hates being wrong or made fun of, and holds his convictions deeply. He may seem full of himself, but it seems that he's managed to include his friends, his partner, and his personal heroes into his self-image. You insult them, you insult him.

While he's not exactly the brightest bulb, he burns the hottest. He overflows with fighting spirit, except in every single aspect of his life (Eating? Gourmet spirit. Sleeping? Resting spirit, et al.) Beneath all his theatrics, though, for a little bunny, Egakumon is a serious lion-heart. He'll never let a weaker digimon go un-saved, and while he may be boistrous, he really believes that he doesn't need recognition for it. He may be a floppy-eared bunny-monster with a paintbrush, but he's really a hero at heart.

-Magic Brush: Egakumon paints a symbol in the air, and from it a concussive beam of energy (in the shape of the symb at tol) fires at the enemy.
-Pummel Claw: Egakumon strikes his enemy hard with a hand engulfed in glowing blue code.