Pronunciation DII-kuh-mon
Level Unknown (Mega)
Type Demon Man
Field Nightmare Soldiers
Attribute Unknown
Name Origin Corruption of English 'decay'.

Egakumon thinks Deekamon is an unsung genius; just about every other creature in existence thinks he's absolutely out of his mind, but generally harmless. A wack-job in a purple cat hoodie, he may know more about the digial world than he really lets on. He claims he's been appointed by a higher power, and occasionally his behavior makes no sense, but he's a good guy, it seems; he served as protector and guardian of the Chosen Children's partners until the children arrived. He often makes predictions about things and takes it upon himself to 'teach' his friends and wards things, which occasionally puts them in the line of fire. Regardless, he has great trust and faith in them, else he wouldn't do it-- presumably.
Nobody knows where he's from or even what level he really is.

-Deja Vu: Deekamon is engulfed in a purple and yellow aura and fires it from his body at an enemy.
-Extend Arm: Deekamon uses his arms, which grow in length as they shoot out, to strike an enemy from a distance.

Appearance Without Hoodie