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Official art by Bandai.

Pronunciation black-war-grey-mon
Level Mega
Type Dragon Man
Field Metal Empire, Dragon's Roar
Attribute Virus
Name Origin English. Black; war; grey. (Self explanatory.)

BlackWarGreymon is a noble sort. He is a loyal servant to the Sovereigns, serving Zhuqiaomon specifically. He is very quiet and often stoic, but observant and thoughtful; he's not much of a conversationalist, but he is more than friendly. Despite his dark appearance, he has a very strong sense of morality, and cannot abide by cowardice or underhanded methods-- and so has a special place in his heart for hating Era and his agents. In battle he is merciless and strong, sometimes going a bit overboard.

He is apparently a close ally of Deekamon; his straightforward ways are in conflict with Deekamon's always skirting the subject, but they are fire-forged friends.

-Terra Destroyer: BlackWarGreymon gathers all of the negative emotion and energy in the world and condenses it into a ball, which he then launches at his target.
-Dramon Killer: BlackWarGreymon slashes hard with the claws on his armor; this is particular effective against dragon-like digimon.
-Black Tornado: BlackWarGreymon spins at high speed and launches at his enemy.