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Andrea Michaels
Age 14
Partner Rajamon
Virtue Bravery
Hair Dark brown [bangs dyed slightly lighter]
Eyes Amber
D-GEAR Orange and yellow

Andrea is tough, cynical, capable, and above all, brave. She never lets her guard down, and is always on-guard and ready to fight back the second it needs to be done. However, she's kind of a bad team-player, even though she's a valuable team member. She rushes into things without asking, and can be a bit reckless, going out of her way to find trouble. Of note, however, is that it's only for her (and Rajamon); she refuses to be dragged into anything she doesn't want to be, and when others behave like she does (read: headstrong and running into danger) she can even be a bit protective.
On the flip-side, she's cynical and tends to believe the worst in people and her teammates... and yet, she still seems to stand up for them. She talks a big game, but she backs up her bark with bite to spare. Even without her feline partner at her side, Andrea is entirely willing to take on digimon herself (for better or worse).

She's tough-love, with an emphasis on 'tough'. She's pretty critical of others, but it's not out of malice. She simply doesn't want to see anyone (or, anyone she's "stuck with") do any less than their full capability. She may actually even have a sensitive side that isn't quick to hop into battle, but showing that isn't exactly first on her to-do list.

Misc. Trivia
-Andrea has a wide collection of stuffed animals, and she's always accumulating more, but shh-- nobody knows. Her very first stuffed animal from when she was a baby was a tiger, making her partnership with Rajamon all the more poignant.
-Even in the digital world, Andrea is never caught without an Mp3 player and earbuds-- never. She often uses it to tune out when she's deep in thought.